Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Swim Oceanside 2-3 Foot Chop

The water was very choppy today; it was like swimming in a washing machine. I wore my fins, without them I wouldn't have gone very far. I had to kick forcefully with my breaths just to get my head above the chop to inhale. To make up for yesterday, I felt that I needed to do a longer swim.

The water was about 56-57 and rough. Very few surfers out-no shape at all to surf actually. I made it to the pier and decided to swim around the end of it. It turned out to be quite a challenging swim, even getting in after rounding the pier kept me kicking hard and putting a good pull into my stroke.

I jogged back up the beach to the car and the wind had really whipped up. There were several windsurfers getting their gear ready. Or maybe they're kitesurfers, who knows? I have some pictures to attach here. A good swim.