Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brief Swim Saturday Late Afternoon--Not all that much fun.

The sun was moving toward its area of descent at about 3:30 PM today.  The sun shone so brightly that it was difficult to see outward from the sand.  There's lots of shimmering water on a day like today. 

We had a little rain two days ago and the water was still stirred up and a bit choppy.  Waves were about one to three feet occasionally.  I got in thinking I would swim out to the end of the pier and back but it didn't turn out that way. 
The area above in the picture had about ten surfers when I was in.  They were happy with a two-foot wave that would give them several seconds of rush.  I went in on the right side (north side) of this pier picture to the tune of about one hundred yards--that is to be courteous and stay out of the territory of the surfers.  My goggles stayed dirty and fogged up as I was swimming out--I guess it's time to throw them away--and I couldn't see well as I swam.  There were two breaks today.  I was out of the surfers' way on my right and left on the first break, but before I hit the bigger break outside I caught sight of two surfers on my right.  I swam left to evade, and one of them caught a wave and headed right toward my head.  I made myself under the surface instantly, and in time, because this fellow wanted to run over my head.  He missed, I got under, and I continued swimming out past the bigger waves. 
I don't really feel anger about it--more of a sadness that a person is feeling and acting out in such a manner.  Anyway, I continue swimming a couple of minutes and I have to stop because I have no air.  I'm feeling tight around my neck and head, constricted, and short of breath.  I decided the heck with it--swim a few minutes and get out.  I didn't even go out far and I only spent twelve minutes in the water.  Let me look up the temperature now: 58-60 per  Sounds accurate.  I guess that's my report for today. 

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Relaxing Swim Oceanside Pier

Today I was ready to swim again.  The conditions were perfect.  Water 57-59 degrees, but felt warmer.  Totally flat out past small, beautiful waves.  Great visibility, very ususual.  I'd say up to twenty feet.  There were scattered surfers enjoying the small waves on the north side and a few dozen enjoying three-foot waves on the south side.  I wore shorts and my warm cap.  I am spoiled with my warm head swimming.  I'm going to have to discontinue that before I can't go in without it. 
The swim out to the end of the pier was 12 1/2 minutes, and the swim in was longer at 16 more minutes.  The tide was very low again but there was a strong undercurrent near the beach.  It slowed me down and actually took an extra effort for me to get through it.  A little kid in that would find himself mixed up in the foamy water above real quick.
"The first time you quit is the last time you try." 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gorgeous Beach, Oceanside Pier, CA (and it's mine)

     I felt very good this morning. When I came downstairs, my wife looked at me a bit surprised and said "That was the fastest you've come down the stairs in a long time."  Apparently I'm in a good phase.  Praise the Lord (and pass the ammunition).

I think this post will look weird.  I'm not a tech savvy kind of guy.  So I go to the beach at noon and get a parking spot right at the sand, as usual.  Same water conditions as yesterday: low tide, flat water, visibility up to fifteen feet in good spots.  Temp 57-59.  No wet suit today but I did wear the neoprene cap.  The water was colder in close for a hundred yards or so but then it warmed up farther out. 
I swam straight out to just past the pier end--it took fourteen minutes--and then turned around and swam in.  Total time 26 minutes.  And I felt good.  Nothing exciting occurred with the exception of two guys who were swimming out to go around the pier.  That's a very rare sighting of human life ocean swimming around here.  I hope nobody else shows up to crowd me out. 
"The first time you quit is the last time you try."