Thursday, December 15, 2016

I Got into the Water Today ! Been a long time

August 19, 2015 was the last time that I got into the water.  Way too long.  Today I went in and swam a little bit in trunks at Oceanside Pier.  My body needs replacement parts but after talking to my doctor and my daughter something kicked into action in my brain.

The water--it was quite cold in trunks and a latex swim cap.  I got in quickly and my stroke felt good.  I especially enjoyed the buoyancy of the water.  I had forgotten how my back gets a temporary reprieve from pain when that salt water is pushing me up.  Sweet.  As for conditions, it was totally flat and the tide was low.  Waves from zero to a foot, and two feet every five minutes.  A good day for me to re-enter.

Hands and the face were quick to feel the freeze.  I felt ready to swim farther but I didn't want to press my limits today.  I'm feeling like now that I've broken my streak of inactivity for a year and five months, I'll swim again very soon.  Oh, for excitement I stepped on the wing of a stingray--a small one--a foot, and it fluttered away without accidentally stinging me.  Then within two minutes I saw two more small stingrays close in.  The visibility was good at 3-4 feet.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."