Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oceanside Harbor & Oceanside Pier Today

Super rough water today at the Oceanside Harbor and Oceanside Pier. I saw about five surfers total and they didn't have much to surf. The sea was a big heavy-duty washing machine. I was safe and decided not to get into the water. I just took a few pictures. In one you can see the wind blowing the sand around at the harbor. One guy had a rig to windsurf, I think. There's a picture of him trying to get control of his large kite in the strong wind. He didn't get into the water while I was there. It was probably too windy to get in the water safely today.

Pier Swim Oceanside Wednesday

I swam the pier from the south side to the north side today after work. It had rained a little bit early in the day and the water was stirred up a bit. I wore the fins and it was harder than usual getting around the end of the pier. The chop was about a foot. The last few days I walked up onto the pier to watch the water and feel the direction of the wind to decide which way to swim. The waves were good shape for the surfers, about four feet. The water felt a bit colder than the day before. Forgot the camera again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pier Swim

After work I swam the pier without the fins and without the webbed gloves. It was pretty choppy but I didn't swallow any sea water. Yeah! Forgot the camera.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Like Summer Time at the Beach Today

MONDAY 5 PM. Lots of beachgoers. Water probably low 60's. A little rough. Current northwest to southeast and choppy (about 1 foot or so of chop). I swam the pier no fins, no webbed gloves, and did fine. Waves not great for surfers but some big sets with half-way decent shape. Waves up to 4 feet.

Nice weather today. Big police presence at the beach because there were plenty of characters milling about looking to eyeball each other. We could all do without that. And what's the deal with the almost-obligatory multiple tattoos on the men (boys, really) and the ladies & girls?

People: It's ok NOT to tattoo yourself. We won't think badly of you if you don't have any ink.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sunday late afternoon. Low tide. Water warmer-probably low 60's. Looks pretty calm but still choppy out there. No strong current. I got smashed by a big wave on the way in through the outside break. Will I ever learn to pay attention all the time?

Sea Lions in Oceanside Harbor

Here's an article in the North County Times April 3, 2011 about sea lions in Oceanside Harbor: share


So, after the crowds of athletes had departed, I went down for my late afternoon ocean swim at the pier. The wind had whipped up beginning in the early afternoon in Oceanside and the sky had clouded over. Well, to my surprise, once I got into the water, I realized that someone (perhaps God) had changed the whole flow of the ocean backwards, and in one day. Well, I suppose since He created the Heavens and the Earth in seven days, for Him to reverse the current of the water at the beach in Oceanside was small potatoes. I could see before I went in that the water was rough and choppy, so I wore my webbed gloves and swim fins. I didn't think that it was so rough that I might want the safety of my US Divers swimmer's safety vest, so I didn't wear it. Once in, I had a hard time swimming out past the breakers, and then a more difficult time swimming southward, because I was swimming INTO the current. It was really strange. I had to swim and kick HARD to get toward the pier, and also the water was pulling me out seaward. I couldn't keep myself on a straight line, as the ocean had its way with me. The water was washing machine choppy, so there was no rhythm to my swimming. Once I got around the pier, it was still difficult swimming in; usually it is an easier swim IN as the flow of the waves building helps push oneself toward the sand. Not Saturday. Oh well, all in all it was an interesting swim; however, as I am a safety guy, there was a short time out there when I realized that I should have been wearing my safety vest. Here's a few pictures, but, as usual, pictures don't show the true nature of the water; One really has to be IN it to appreciate the power (and also the beauty) of the ocean.

As it turned out, having the Ironman Triathlon swim inside the safety of the Oceanside Harbor, even with its oily, dirty water, proved to be the safer and wiser venue for the athletes. I was wrong again; what else is new?