Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 16, 2013 I had high hopes for a long swim, but reality limited me to a thirty-minute rough swim.

Morning swim 1/2 mile or so south of the Pier.

This far south the parking is free.  I walked down the little, steep hill to the tiny parking lot after I parked on the street above.  My grandiose plan was to swim straight out from tower 7 to the bobbing float about 250 yards offshore.  Then I had wanted to swim north and past the pier, turn around, and return.
Well, first fate intervened.  My serenity was tested.  My grasp of my emotions was challenged.  I was strolling slowly with some other people across the one-lane entry into the pay lot and this driver pulls up behind me and almost touched me with his crummy car.  He was a 50'ish scuzzy, half-homeless looking surfer in a thirty-year-old car.  I stopped, looked at him, and asked, "Do we have a problem?"  That is that great line you hear tough guys say in the movies just before they beat someone half to death.  He tells me, "Hey, I coulda' beeped my horn to get you out of the way. I didn't."  I say, "So a misunderstanding, okay"  I begin to walk toward the water.  Then he couldn't help himself, he says, "You're just walking around in a daze; wake up."  Now I am very close to attack mode, and say to him, " So we DO have a problem?"  He mumbles about walking faster and with my GREAT self-control I just say, "OK, so you're a wise guy; that's your thing.  OK, so-long wise guy."  And that was that.  But, oh boy, I wanted to pound him a few times but refrained.  So, I swam, but my mind couldn't relax.  I kept thinking that I wanted to see him on his board in the water.  The water was rough swimming out; it took me 16 minutes to hit the buoy.  I did see about 3 big dolphins before I got in moving south slowly in the surf zone.  Visibility was better, about 8-10 feet.  Water temp felt about 65.  Let's check.  64-66.  The 1-2 foot chop took my energy away, and my heart wasn't in it anyway.  The self-growth was that I said a Psalm to myself to calm myself, and it gave me peace instead of a vicious need for revenge.  

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oceanside Pier Swim Wednesday May 15th

     I went down to the beach to get a swim in because I felt a burst of energy today.

When I got there, I realized that I forgot my bathing suit.  So, I had to wear my wet suit, and it was especially warm today in the water.  The water turned warm about a week ago. says 64-66 degrees.  Wow.  That's the highest this year so far.  The surf was calm but there was a small chop out past the waves.  I'd say up to one foot chop.  I entered on the north side (the right side of the photos) and swam north to south.  It turned out that there was a mild current moving from south to north.  It made a little extra effort necessary swimming out.
     I felt like taking a few photos of the street above the water so that people unfamiliar with the development could get a look.  The Pier area really has changed a lot.  Now there's construction ongoing on a 4 or 5 or 6 story building that you can see in one of the photos.  It's probably going to be a time share--blah.
     The sky was hazy along the western horizon but most of the sky was blue.  I felt like I could have gotten some sun on my face today.  Summer is coming fast.  Winter is my favorite time due to the lack of crowds, plentiful parking spaces, and quieter atmosphere.  My swim was 35 minutes and tuckered me out today.
     A nice day to be at the beach in Oceanside.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."