Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Swimming-Sinus Infection

I need some days off because my sinuses have been exploding lately. The sea water seems to enter my sinuses fine but has difficulty finding its way out. I occasionally get a sinus infection, which I now have, and need a break to get cleared out.  Here is a great link for sinus info.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday After Work Pier Swim

No pictures today but the conditions were much like yesterday. The water was a bit more choppy and the beach more crowded-but this was at 4:30PM. The water was WARM-about 67. Visibility only 4-5 feet. I swam around the pier with a bit more difficulty than yesterday. Been thinking about a rest day but it didn't happen today. The chop was small, but still an annoyance breathing out around the arc at the end of the pier.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ocean Swim Oceanside Pier Sunday June 19

Sunday at 6 PM the beach was gorgeous. The water was warm, about 65-66 degrees. Flat, calm surface to the ocean was perfect for swimming. Even the wave entry was easy and swimmer friendly. I wore fins and gloves and had a great swim. My daughter came with me and walked the pier to take some photos of me in the water. I haven't had any photos yet of me in the water, so that was nice. The tide was low so the swim was short and sweet. Really it was a perfect evening for photos and swimming at Oceanside Pier.

Bike Race Across America Leaves Oceanside CA Pier

These pictures were taken at 6:15 PM Saturday before I swam. I was happy to get a parking spot across the street from the beach, and free after 6 PM. The parking lots again belong to beachgoers as the Race Across America has departed from the Pier area and is on its way. Good luck to the cyclists. I read that last year the winner did the race to Maryland in 9 days and some hours. Amazing. They sleep a couple of hours per day. I can't ride my bike for a few miles before my rear end is hurting'. And I have a lot of natural padding there. Ironic.
The water was warm-I'd say 65-66 degrees, with warm bands throughout the swim. The surf was very small-2 feet, so not good for surfers-except for that narrow area close to the pier.
The water was choppy throughout-about 1-2 feet-which always makes breathing difficult. You rotate your head to the left side to inhale some much needed air, and you start to inhale a face full of water. That's the kind of swim it was. There was a lifeguard sign out warning "rip current" at the south side of the pier but I felt nothing-it must have been earlier in the afternoon. There really was not an ocean current at all to fight-just the annoying chop. Visibility was poor-about four feet and very stirred up.
I used my albuterol inhaler before swimming and had good air throughout. Better living through drugs.
Isn't this place beautiful? And free! We're very lucky to have it so close to home. I don't know where I'd be without it. Getting out there all by myself just makes my mind feel great for a while-rejuvenates my soul or something for a few days. The body is weak and broken, but the buoyancy of the water is such a plus when excercising. I just love the ocean!