Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Rough Water Oceanside

I checked the beach on base first but it looked rough and ominous. I passed and went over to the pier. The bottom three pictures are taken today on base about 4:20 PM.

So, too rough to swim (freestyle) at the pier so I decided to lie on my back and kick around the pier with my fins. Give the arms a rest. I used them to hug myself to keep warm. The water really was rough and angry; it didn't want me out there. Out past the pier there were 4 to 6 foot big swells but all chopped up. It was a good workout for kicking. I got the current correct this time; it was mild running north to south. I had to go home and take a hot bath to warm up. Only one surfer in the water and a trio of people for a bit playing in the waves.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers' Day Swim Harbor to Pier (Almost)

I went in at the Harbor beach today and swam out a couple of hundred yards. It was warm-about 63 degrees. The water was clean but rough and choppy. I swam south and had a hard time. The current was running north and I was running (or swimming, rather) south. The chop was strong but I swam and swam and didn't seem to go anywhere. About an hour later I was shot and hadn't reached the pier yet. I was dizzy and decided to head in. Anyway, the pictures of the Harbor area and the beach came out nice.

I forgot to mention the big, dead jellyfish washed up on the beach that I saw. One of those purplish umbrella things with the tentacles hanging down. I wouldn't want to swim into that globby mess out there. Yuck. Wish I has a picture.