Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Oceanside Pier North Side

It's a shock, folks; I know.  I got my fat body into the water again today.  I suppose that I've learned how to do the routine again.  Throw extra dirty towels, hats, sweatshirts, goggles, dollar bills for the meter, sweat pants into the Corolla and just go.

Now, I've done the hardest part of the whole deal.  Stop at Starbuck's for a big coffee--Pike Place, and if they ask, say medium--throw in mucho sugar for energy, and I'm there in ten minutes.  Once I'm committed, it's a fai't acompli. 

There were about one-hundred humans on the sand today.  A young, male teacher had his class there for a field trip--excellent.  One girl got in up to her waist; she was very brave.  A future lifeguard, possibly.  The rest were families on vacation, Marines strolling in two's and three's, and the surfers--but, thankfully, those of the surf were on the south side today.

It was freezing.  I wasn't in the water as long as the time it took me to write this post so far.  High fifties, colder than yesterday.  I could feel my manliness melt away today after three minutes in the water.  By the time I exited the water, I was a three-year-old girl.  I didn't swim; I just bounced around and scooted under some bigger waves.  Max 3 feet.

Nonetheless, I made progress today.  As I got out a young guy with Jersey plates tried to get in.  He had seen me in, so he knew it was possible, but he could tell that my insulating layer of fat gave me a greater edge than his trim body helped him in 57-degree-water.  Although I didn't wait, I'm sure he got his head covered.  He was in up to his thighs and making slow, deliberate progress.  He has that Jersey toughness, I'm sure.

I did a small good deed and gave my parking pass to a family nearby that was parked in the five-minute-zone but had already exceeded thirty minutes.  Christmas spirit and all that.

Signing off.  Back to my real writing.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."