Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oceanside CA Open Water Swim

The water was extremely rough today, much like yesterday but more difficult to breathe with an interesting strong chop blowing to the southeast. Water temp a bit chillier but no wet suit necessary for the intrepid. Fins were required by myself, as I desired to return to dry land on my own power. These pictures give a more pleasant view of the water than the view experienced 150 yards from shore by this swimmer. A vigorous swim, worth the trip.

Rough Water Swim Oceanside CA

Wow. Friday afternoon the water was angry. From day to day one never knows what we'll experience out past the breakers. The inside break was rough and surgy at about 3 feet. Then, there was a distinct outside break all chopped up and rough, also running south at about 3 to 6 feet. Swim under those waves or get pounded! Fun! I had air yesterday so no stress under the rough waves. There are days when I don't have the air so I get a bit of the panic under the rough stuff getting the heck beat out of me. Those are the days that I love my fins.

So, I swam a lap around the buoy. All the way around it was rough. Getting out required enjoying a throw-down by a few waves into the sand. I swam a second lap and had enough. What was different today was that out there the water was much cleaner today-a beautiful, deeper blue hue. The depth there is about 30-35 feet which I suppose reveals the prettier blue color. I did enjoy the fresh feel of the clean water today. A good swim. I jogged a bit on the sand and my calves wimped out on me. That's another long-term project. Bye for now. Darnit-no pictures again.

Open Water Swim Oceanside CA

Thursday after work the water at the beach on Camp Pendleton was beautiful. It's summertime warm water now. The water out there was pretty calm so the swim was mellow. You never know what's out there-how the current or chop is, so I wore the fins and swam a lap around the buoy. I swam another lap without the fins, and finally a third lap with the fins. I was feeling energetic. Forgot the camera again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Camp Pendleton Buoy Swim

No wet suit needed today. I swam out to the buoy at the 21 area beach, around it, and back in. A quick swim, but fun. The water is cleaner, albeit rough. I was dumped swimming in by a large wave that I didn't see coming. The current was running from north to south pretty strongly. Afterwards, I jogged up the beach on the sand and I could hardly pick up my legs as I finished up. A fun, quick workout. No camera, though. I need to put that thing in my car.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Swim on Camp Pendleton

I haven't been in the water for a week because my neck has been acting up. Today, a friend and I went into the water after work. I didn't have a wet suit so I just wore my bathing suit with rash shorts underneath. I also had my swim cap. The water was warmer than last week. Surfline says 61 but I think it was a few degrees warmer.
The beach at Pendleton was jumping with big, rough waves. It was fun. We went out about 250 yards to the buoy and returned to shore. Good fun. No pictures, though.