Friday, June 17, 2011

Oceanside Pier Friday Afternoon Swim June 17

Really neat afternoon at the Pier. The water was warmer than yesterday, probably low 60's, maybe higher - 64? The water was not as clean as yesterday-it was stirred up and choppy out there. The waves for surfers were just okay-they weren't really breaking with good corners to work. Visibility about 6 feet past the surf zone. Lots of beachgoers having fun. The bicyclists are still all over the place. I got some good photos and had a decent swim. It wasn't great because of the choppiness but I just took it easy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Race Across America Still Lots of Bikes at the Pier

This afternoon was a beautiful one at the Oceanside Pier. The air temp was about 63 and the water about 61. Very clean water again. Green-blue aqua color with visibility about fifteen feet. I swam with the current from south to north. It was demanding getting out through the surf zone; although the waves topped out at 4-5 feet-but they were powerful. I had good air today and got through the surf quickly. Maybe the water being a bit warmer helped. The lifeguard boat and jet ski were out active in the pier area today; I like to see them for safety overall. They do a great job! About fifteen or more sufers on the north side of the pier where the waves were breaking. They formed a collection in a small area very close to the pier, where there were good-sized corners to work. Farther out the waves were mostly walled off or closing out. As I got out I was excited to find a large sea shell for the home collection-the biggest shell yet-about 6 inches long. Neat! So the pier was the place to be today: kids' soccer practice at the amphitheater, bike crews and bicyclists with booths and gear and riders all over the place, the lady who runs an exercise class at the beach daily had lots of participants, and the usual summer vacationers and beachgoers. Plus, more than usual surf action. However, I had the ocean "Out Past the Breakers" all to myself, as usual. I just can't ever get over it. It's like it is MY ocean! Very nice.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pier Swim Wed June 15 Cleanest Water Yet

On Wednesday the water was the cleanest that I have seen it in probably several months. The visibility was approximately fifteen feet or even a bit more out past the surf zone. It really was beautiful and clean. There was a chop of one foot and a current (mild) running south to north. I decided to walk to the south side of the pier, get in there, and swim north around the pier. I guessed the water correctly and had a good swim. The waves were great for surfing, with bigger ones a good four feet. The water was chilly, maybe 59 degrees. I've been wearing fins every day and the last two swims I wore my webbed swim gloves because of current concerns. I haven't worn the webbed gloves for a couple of months at least, and they really help with the focus on the arm stroke and pull.

Pier Swim Tues June 14

waiting too long to post this swim, I can't remember much of anything about it. I did notice the lifeguard boat on the south side of the pier so there probably was a rip there. I swam north to south and the boat checked me out for safety as I was off the end of the pier. There was a bit of a current moving north and a chop to the water, but still beautiful waves inside with people enjoying the water.