Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Streak is Alive and Well

Saturday 1 PM.  I had to get my second swim in for the week to keep my streak going.  My goal is two swims per week minimum with trunks only-swim cap ok, goggles ok, fins ok.
The thing is-the water isn't miserable cold yet.  I'm expecting more suffering-of course, there's a bit of cold discomfort ongoing-but 58 degrees or so is a lot different than 55 degrees.  I'm waiting for the 55 degree water for it to get interesting.
I watched the water for a while before getting in and I was of the opinion that I'd be safe without fins; however, I had a bit of doubt so I wore the fins because the current was running hard from south to north.  Once I got in, I found that I definitely required the fins.  The current was strong-and I had chosen to swim against the current just to be a hardhead.
I'm always surprised anew when the water is rougher than what it appears to be from the beach.  This water was more than a few foot chop-it was 2 to 4 foot chopped up swells one on top of the next.  I tried swimming out freestyle for 4 minutes but it was too rough.  I lay on my back and backstroked with the fins on until I got to the end of the pier.  Then I had to kick hard to move southward against the current for ten minutes.  Once past the pier with a safety margin for the current, I swam freestyle in to the sand-a roller coaster ride with the waves but fun because I was going in with the waves. 
A 31 minute swim.  Fun.  Decent workout.  The second swim for the week.  Tomorrow (Sunday) is my first day of next week;  I'll probably be out.  I forgot to say that the water was still dirty from the recent rains.
I saw this article from the North County Times Saturday, Feb. 18th:
Freezin' For A Reason Article North County Times
"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Swim After a Couple Days Off

The water looked rough and choppy-hardly any surfers in the water.  I wore the fins, which turned out to be a good idea.  I got in on the north side and the inside current was a moderate rip current running north to south.  I had somewhat of a hard time kicking out through the surf zone with the current pulling me toward the pier and the waves up to 5 feet.  It was hard getting out before getting too close to the pilings.  Without fins, I would have had to go back in to the beachand, either give up or walk farther north up the beach to have more time to allow for the rip.
It was hard to swim out, so I kicked out on my back mostly.  I swam around and headed back in.  The good swell amidst the chop, helped swim me in.  Only 3 surfers out on the south side.  None on the north side when I went in.
I caught one big way and body-surfed it in-a decent ride until I ran out of air.  With this bad respiratory cold that is lingering, my air is for s***.
The water wasn't very cold.  Glad I got wet after taking off Friday & Saturday sick.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."