Friday, October 24, 2014

Rehab Continues on the Back

A month ago I posted about early healing progress--about two weeks post surgery.  Today I am about six weeks out.  I just finished a walk of ten blocks with a cane around my neighborhood.  I'm still experiencing plenty of pain but making progress with that also. 

When you have spinal surgery an odd thing occurs in parts of your body.  You wake up with all sorts of new pain and numbness in places that were normal beforehand.  I woke from surgery with a left knee area--a large area including the kneecap--that felt like it was beaten with a stick a bunch of times.  It also had different spotted areas of numbness within.  Strange.  I also woke with the top half of both of my butt cheeks (oo la la) mostly without feeling, except a very general pressure feeling.  Much of that is still there--and I had none of that before surgery.

The low back would get boring if I went over that again.  I have a big, supportive brace that I wear.

I'm still reading other swim blogs and enjoying the water through write-ups and photos on other blogs.  Thanks.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."