Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swim on base at Camp Pendleton Friday

There were three of us at the beach Friday afternoon. The water was very choppy and it started out with small 2-3 foot waves. After an hour and a half the waves got bigger and the roughness of the water increased. Since it was on base, the lifeguards don't allow swimmers out far when there is a sizeable crowd on the beach. Safety first! We were still in the surf zone and a young lifeguard swam out to us to make sure that we were ok. He asked us to stay closer in - those were his guidelines from above. Anyway, we got in the water, which is always good. We did more talking than swimming. Here are a few pictures. Who is that old, fat gut? Oh, dammit, it's me!
I caught a quick glimpse of two large dolphins heading north about a hundred yards out. This was my first dolphin sighting of the year. The water was warm, so maybe that brought them back...

First Time Swim Around the Oceanside Pier!

Today after work Mr G and I went down to the beach at the Oceanside Pier for a swim. The water was green-blue, warm, and calm. Small waves and light wind. We studied the water a bit to try to figure out whether there was a significant current out there one way or another. The breeze was north to south and the surface of the water appeared to be moving slightly north to south, but I thought that I knew everything and felt that the water movement was neutral. So, out we swim-a variety of side stroke, crawl, kicking on our backs, breast stroke, backstroke. We were wearing fins and relaxed and took our time.
When we were far out we noticed that there WAS a fairly strong current running north to south because we were swimming and going nowhere for about 15-20 minutes. We made a push, got around the pier, and the swim in was easier with the water helping us in, although we had to angle our swim northward to keep the current from carrying us south toward the pier pilings. It was a milestone for Mr. G because it was his first time around the pier, and he had to fight a significant current also! He did a great job and moved up a level for sure!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rough Oceanside Pier Swim Today

So after work I swam the pier and the water out there was rough. The chop was a good 2 feet and very much like a washing machine. However, the ocean was warm, too warm, about 67 degrees. I actually caught sight of two swimmers out there heading toward the rounding of the pier-a most rare sighting of humans.

I took some pictures but they really don't show much of anything when I tried to get the swimmers on camera. The chop also pretty much obscured them from view. I talked briefly to the lifeguard before the swim to inquire about the water conditions because they had a rip current warning sign posted. It didn't affect my route.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oceanside, CA Lifeguards

Just took a few pictures from my car as I drove past the pier getting ready to park. Seems gloomy. The sun was clouded over. Water was warm. Still the green color to the blue ocean. I hit a cold band and a couple of warm bands of water out there. The chop was big and bad, making the swim not relaxing, but more rigorous. I brought two other pairs of goggles with me and both were lousy. I guess I'll have to spend more than $6 for goggles. North of the pier the rip current was strong. Nothing much out far. I'm going to have to get a safety kayaker with me and skip the swim fins for a test soon. It's time for a hard, challenging swim for a change.
I wanted to mention the lifeguards at the beach in Oceanside because they seem so excellent and professional. They are vigilant and well-prepared, watching that water with all the kids getting thrown around in the rough inside break, the people playing in the surf zone, and a guy like me way out there. Way to go Oceanside lifeguards.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Surf Oceanside Pier

The waves were breaking big today at Oceanside Pier. I asked one young man about it being big out there today and he said, "Yeah, but a little bumpy." Well, it looked neat to me. The good surfers were cutting back and forth and getting some long rides. Waves up to 5 feet. Rough water. Very warm. About 66. green-aqua color to the water. Very rough water on the inside. High tide at 5 PM. Strong current running north. I had a great swim around the pier. I need to find some good goggles. All the pairs that I buy stink for one reason or another.