Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Pier

This afternoon late I went for a swim around the pier with my fins on. The water was warm and relaxing. Beachgoers were in the water with bathing suits on and about a dozen surfers were out
south of the pier. Lots of other people just enjoying the sand.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pendleton Swim Friday After Work

A nice, relaxing swim in fairly warm water after work today. I wore the fins and did a slow, easy freestyle around the buoy. I needed it to relax and clear my head. I took a few pictures of Amtrak vehicles going back home for the night. They sure look powerful.

Camp Pendleton Beach Swim After Work

It was a beautiful day in Oceanside today. Early in the day at lunch I looked at the water and it was perfect for swimming. By the time I got there after work it had clouded over and the water out there was a bit stirred up. Still ok without fins though. It did take me longer to swim around the buoy because there was a minor current. The shape was better than usual for surfers, and there were three out there catching waves. This is just a beautiful beach!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pendleton Beach Swim

The water was warmer today; my face didn't hurt when I went in. I swam out around the buoy. It was flat and beautiful past the outside breakers. A really nice day at a lovely, private beach. A few surfers but the waves were not worth riding. Lots of seagulls hanging out in the water that I swam through. It didn't disturb them; that was odd. They just floated nearby as I swam through their area about 125 yards offshore.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cold Swim on Camp Pendleton

That's the buoy that I swam out to, around, and back in-just once today. Hey, what happens in one day? The water was freezin' today-my face hurt just like winter-so that probably means a temp of about 57 or so. It got a little warmer about 100 yards out there, which was nice. The day was beautiful, though. Sun-tanners but only a few people in the water. I had brought my wet suit and fins but decided not to wear either one. The water was flat and nice-relaxing.