Saturday, July 11, 2015

Brendan Drury Returns to the Water in Oceanside, CA

     I have to look up how long it has been since I've been swimming.  Gimme a sec.  Oh, boy, March 19, 2014 was my last brief swim in Oceanside.  Sixteen months off--I'm embarrassed. 

     Today, for some unknown reason, I felt alive, my pain was low, my body felt straighter, and I took a dip at the beach.  So what?  For me, this is a big plus.  I have been doing the stretching out and moderate strengthening exercises for the back recently and they are helping my back. 

     The beach I went to was the one at the bottom of Surfrider Way, just down from Pappy's.  The area was very crowded with cars and people enjoying a lovely 77 degree day.  The water was approximately 64-65 degrees, according to my internal thermometer.  Very warm.  I took a full fifteen minutes standing in the shallow water to adjust my mind, relax, and get comfortable with the water-which seemed chilly at first to me.

     Most of what I was thinking was 'don't pull anything in the back,' and the buoyancy of the water was terrific for me.  I eased into stretching, relaxing, swimming several short distances, and playing in the waves.  For a surf report, the waves were 1-3 feet, rough, and there was just a couple of seconds interval so the small waves pounded and pounded repeatedly.  Not surfable. 

     Three times I tried to swim out through the multiple sets of waves to get beyond the surf zone but I was not up to it.  In normal fitness, I would have been fine but not in my early recovery fitness.

     It felt so nice.  What a cool place this Oceanside beach is!  I will go tomorrow again-Sunday.  I feel hopeful. 

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."