Friday, June 10, 2011

Churchill Slasher Fins

Friday afternoon after work I went and swam around the pier. Good swim! First, before driving to the pier, I stopped and broke down and purchased a new pair of Churchill Slasher Fins. I just bought the same fins and size as last time. I used them in my swim today and they are GREAT! The fin is firm and delivers a powerful, propulsive kick if needed.
The water was colder today than yesterday-I'm guessing 59 degrees or a bit colder. Water color aqua blue green, fresh and invigorating. High tide but not crazy rough. My swim out was easier than my swim in. On my way in I swallowed a bit of seawater and stopped to puke for half a minute. The swim in felt like I was swimming against the direction of the water-very unusual. Several surfers were on each side of the pier-the surf was about 4 feet with mediocre shape. Overall, a nice, crisp swim. Love my new Churchill Slasher Fins!

Oceanside Pier Swim June 9, 2011

So, no pictures today because I had not planned to swim today after work. However, I drove by the beach and there were plenty of parking spots so I just went for it. My neck isn't better yet but I thought that the water might help. It didn't help the neck but I got my adrenaline rush in. No wet suit today, no rash guard shirt or shorts. Just plain trunks, fins, and goggles. The water was high tide, cold, and rough and surgy. The rip currents were just close to the pier on both sides, not all over the place like it was the last couple of weeks.
Swimming out into the chop was vigorous; the chop was about two feet. Swimming in was with the chop so it was a bit better. I didn't have my swim cap and it sure makes a difference in the cold water-the inside of your ears get cold without it. I was getting pretty cold by the end-it took about forty minutes to get around and I was tring to put some good effort into the swim.
So, a good swim, and I'll probably go on Friday again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Pier 94.9 Band Show Oceanside

I went to the pier earlier than usual today, Sunday, about 4 PM. The few blocks around the pier on both sides and on Mission Ave. were blocked and fenced off by security. A bandfest was going on at the amphitheater with many food booths behind the fences. I looked it up and a ticket was $35 for bands that I never heard of-but lots of people must like them! The water was beautiful. It said 58 degrees but felt warmer than that to me. I tore my swim cap as I put it on so my head was chilly. No wet suit. Visibility only about 5 feet. Waves not great for surfing-only a dozen or so surfers onn the south side. It was rougher than it looked like getting out through the breakers. I needed to catch my second wind after getting through. Then I had a slow swim in a big arc around the pier and the outer limits of the surfers. I didn't feel the energy today- lots of pain and stiffness still in my neck.