Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Pier Swim in Easy Water

So I had the camera and I took about 8 photos.  I get home and something with the memory chip won't let me load them in the computer.  I have to order a new memory chip.
Really, this used to be easy. Write the blog, upload the pictures, stick 'em in the blog.
Now, since I'm a senior citizen I guess (55), I can't do anything right. 
Water at 59-60 was nice.  Mild waves and flat ocean. Even about 4 feet visibility.  Air temp 66.
I decided that today I would try to swim a faster time around the pier because I never get faster.  Guess what?  I didn't get faster.  Doggonit.  I was swimming harder than usual, I thought, and came in at 31 minutes.  I mean it was a nice, refreshing swim; but I was disappointed in my time. 
I've been pulling harder because I am feeling it in my triceps.  I've been kicking a bit harder.  I'm doing less breathing, or getting more strokes in between breaths.
Blue sky today. Only about a dozen surfers. Quiet beach. We'll see what the next few days brings.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Google/Picasa I Hate You for Making my Blog Harder to Do

Only five photos today for my readers because I am a lousy photographer and need to spare you my crummy photos.  But look at the series of small waves in sequential order in a couple of these photos today.  Can you deny nature's beauty there?  The shape of the smallish waves was nice, especially on the south side, as usual.  Water temp 59-60. Air temp 66 at approximately 3 PM.  Such a difference in the flatness today compared with the angry choppiness of yesterday's water. 
I didn't have it in me to swim today.  I drove and parked at the Pier and couldn't get my butt in gear. I debated it in my head for ten minutes and got changed.  Then, once a few beachgoers see me in a swimsuit and goggles & cap, I can't let them down.  And off I went.  Getting in was chilly.  I took note of the time when I got used to the cold; it was six minutes out.  I'm really just out of practice with the cold water.  I haven't put any real pressures on myself yet this winter about longer swims.  I'm just going along day by day.  No goals at this time.
A 31 minute swim around and I felt good, really good in the swim.   Glad I got there.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Rough Water Swim (Cold & Against the Current)

What more could one ask for?  Just colder, rougher, and scarier water I suppose.  I had a 42 and a half-minute swim this afternoon; I'm home now and still have a chill.  Water temp about 59-60 degrees.  There was a moderate current running southeast with a big 2 foot chop to it.  I decided to swim into that. Why?  To be miserable, that's why. 
My swim was longer because I started farther away from the pier.  I'd guess 3/4 mile swim.  There were only about six surfers out because the water was so sloppy and choppy. 
I have several photos but I don't know if I can publish them. 

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Choppy Pier Swim

I have some photos, but still can't get them posted.  Today's swim was not as rough as yesterday's.  The water was about 60 degrees.  Very choppy.  No visibility.  Negligible current. 
I actually don't even feel like writing about my 31 minute swim around the Pier.  Who cares?  I just do the swims for myself--to make my head feel better.  Something about neurotransmitters in the brain.  Today's swim didn't do jack for my neurotransmitters.  I need lots more cold, misery, and fear to get my brain to turn on the production of the chemical factory within.
Agghhh...The heck with it today.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."