Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top Gun Showing Oceanside Amphitheater at the Pier

So, I hear for the 25th anniversary of the film "Top Gun," the city is showing the film to the public outdoors at the beach amphitheater. I went down for a swim before sunset and took a few pictures of the area before people started arriving.
My swim was from north to south; it was difficult to determine which direction the current was running outside. Inside the inner break, the water was running south, so I went that way. It was rough and choppy, and the swim around the pier gave me a good workout. I lost another pair of goggles coming in through big waves throwing me around. I think that next swim I'll try my Duck Feet fins instead of my trusty Churchills. The Churchills will be breaking any day now. That first picture of the old, blue house is the house where a scene from "Top Gun" was filmed. They are planning to move it to a different location intact eventually.

Memorial Day Weekend Begins at Oceanside Pier

The pier was busy Friday afternoon with beachgoers flocking to the pier for a head start on the weekend. But wait, "Why does everybody have to bring their ugly dogs with them to the beach?"
There were so many dogs on the strand and the sidewalks, and the rude people who have to bring their dogs on the sand (NOT ALLOWED) that I was ready to - well... nothing - but I didn't like it.
Keep your dogs at home please.
The water was very rough out past the breakers and my swim was a butt kicker. Rough chop made it hard to breathe without swallowing water.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oceanside CA Pier Swim

No pictures today but I swam around the pier after work today. No wet suit needed. I did wear the fins. A nice, relaxing swim in pretty clean green/blue water out past the breakers. Surf was good, about 3-4 feet, good shape. About two dozen surfers stretched out along the pier area, north and south. Plenty of room to find a wave today. More beachgoers than usual this afternoon. I suppose people are gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camp Pendleton Swimmer Feared Drowned Update

I found this update and identity of the sailor who apparently drowned last Thursday afternoon while swimming on base. He was a Navy Corpsman.

Camp Pendleton Missing Swimmer Update!/DocYeck

Here's a link to Facebook page of missing corpsman. If you are from the Doc's area and want to see the water and the beach where he was swimming, I have lots of pictures on my blog because I swim there often.

Another press link:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Pier Gets Sleazier

I went with a swim buddy first after work to the beach on Camp Pendleton but we were not allowed in the water. Well, check that; we would have been allowed only as far as the surf zone, not past. They have clamped down on safety because of the drowning five days ago on this beach on base. Better safe than sorry for the time being.

So, I went to the Oceanside Pier to swim it and I think every time that I drive to/through downtown Oceanside and the beach and Pier area (both above and below), the more homeless, drug addicts, thugs, tattooed covered gang members or wannabees, etcetera I observe. Today it really bothered me after I got out of the water. My swim was nice, the water was warm, a bit rough, and pretty good-sized waves. I'm walking back under the pier on the sidewalk and little street and I get yelled at by some jerk going way too fast on a bicycle in this pedestrian area. He tells me to watch where I'm walking; I'm the guy in the walking around area under the pier, not in the midst of a bicycle raceway.

The drug addicts look young and pathetic-rings in the noses, filthy, acting overly loud and seemingly trying to annoy those people just trying to enjoy the beach peacefully.

The same homeless bums are always there. They have their usual spots. Why did they build that big Wyndham hotel there for the bums to linger around and creep out the locals and the visitors?

Can we get the police to run off the bad element down there? The police show a presence but they don't seem to do anything. I'm just bummed out today after a nice swim turned sour because of the creeps that one has to pass through going to one's car and driving in and out.

Oceanside Pier Swim CA May 23 2011

This water Monday late afternoon was just too rough to swim in but I did anyway. I wore my trusty Churchill fins, which are about to give out on me, because I wouldn't be able to make any progress swimming in this kind of 3 foot chop without fins. No wet suit needed. The water was warm enough and pretty clean. A few surfers are floundering in between the crests and troughs of the waves in these pictures but can't see any. There were several there, though. Not too much to say about this swim but that it was a mess, but I still enjoyed it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oceanside Ocean Swim Club

It was a bit chilly outside and overcast, so not too many beachgoers in the late afternoon on this Sunday. I went in with a rash guard shirt and trunks, and also fins. The water was warm and clean; visibility maybe six feet, which is good for here. Still the greenish tint to the blue water which is nice. The waves for surfing were very good, especially on the north side of the pier-probably solid 4 foot waves with good shape and intervals. Not many surfers there-approximately 20, I'd say.

A big wave knocked off my swim goggles as I was swimming in through the surf zone. Need to kiss that pair goodbye.

I took some pictures.