Friday, April 15, 2011

Oceanside Tea Party Rally at the Pier Friday April 15

No pictures today. I had three days off with a painful neck, and when I drove by the Pier after work, I was thinking that if it was calm I'd swim. It was much calmer than a few days ago, so I took a nice, slow swim around the pier with fins and gloves on. My neck hurt and right shoulder but it was good to ease along and relax. The water isn't very clean; it has a slight brownish tint to it. No visibility. Small waves. Not too cold, probably 62 or so. When I got out and was walking past the bandshell toward my car parked up above the strand, I heard country music playing, which was very nice. I think it was the Zack Brown Band's "I got my toes in the water, my a** in the sand..." I was feeling good that there was a get together with country music and American flags until I saw the signs "Tea Party Rally," and "Taxpayers Revolution," etc. That ruined it for me. I support our government helping those who need help, like the poor, the elderly, the working poor, the middle class, people who want health insurance & jobs, and sharing the wealth. The Tea Party is anathema to me. But it was a nice atmosphere in spite of the signs and placards with which I disagree. I think that I'll be back in the water tomorow, and I'll bring the camera.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oceanside Harbor First, Then the Pier-Monday

So, I went to the Harbor and took some pictures. It was very rough but several surfers were trying to make it work. I drove over to the Pier and swam around from north to south, with the current. Rough chop, a good two feet. Cold water. I had to soak in a hot tub to warm up when I got home. I used up most of my energy in the water and was on all fours trying to stand up when I swallowed a gulp of ocean water that crashed in on me while I was inhaling. Darn! I could have done without the nausea from that.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oceanside Pier 4-10-2011

I got into the water late afternoon today, and swam freestyle from north of the pier south. Very, very rough out there. A two-foot chop, I would say, is fair without exaggeration. However, I did swim in the correct direction today, that is, with the current. In fact, when I was finished and relaxing in the water before I got out, the current was carrying me south quite noticeably.

More jellyfish today, little ones, about 1 to 3 inches. The water was colder than yesterday. Let me check the temperature on another site...

Surfline says 59-61 degrees.

Here's a few pictures.

Jellyfish Oceanside Pier April 9, 2011

Saturday was windy and very rough in the water. I took these pictures but they DO NOT give the viewer a good appreciation of how nasty it was out there. I saw two surfers on the south side and two boogie boarders on the north side while I was in the water. After I got out, I went back to the south side and took a few pictures of the jellyfish. Yes, jellyfish. Very rare sighting in Oceanside, CA. On Saturday I saw five little jellyfish.

I thought that I had the wind and current figured out before I went in so that I would be swimming with the current, but somehow I had it wrong-or else the water was just so crazy that the chop was going both ways. I was swallowing tiny bits of seawater throughout, and really had to lift my head high to breathe. Water temp was warmer, maybe 61 or so. A few people were in up to the waist. All day Saturday I was not planning to go the the beach but by about 4 PM I felt so crummy that I needed my water therapy. I was much better afterward at home. There's nothing like cold, nausea, misery, fear, exertion, and adrenaline to put a bit of life back in one's soul.