Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ironically, this is good swimming news for me in Oceanside.

     I just looked up in this blog and my last swim was three months ago.  And I was barely in action for a few months before that.  I started the blog as an aid to my recuperation from neck surgery.  Cervical fusion C5,6,7.  The blog put pressure on me to get my lazy butt in the water.

     So my good news yesterday is that I need another spine surgery, this time a fusion of L5 to S1.  And along with that I get to rehab myself again.  My L3 and L4 aren't in great shape but no fusions there yet.  My doctor's theory is you go forth and suffer until you can't stand the pain any more.  Then you get more testing and await the insurance approval for surgery. 

    Surgery will be in approximately six weeks and the initial brace afterward is for two or three months.  I'll plan to start water work after that or while wearing the brace, depending on the type of brace and recovery.

    It took me four months to rehab from my neck surgery before I could trust it to use it.  At least I'll have something to write about again in a month or two.  This swimmer is feeling hopeful again. 

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."