Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Rough Water Swim Oceanside

No pictures again. I probably need to purchase an inexpensive waterproof camera. The water was about 62 degrees, dirty, very sloppy, and very rough out there. I swam against the current; the current was running very strongly from south to north. The chop was rough, at least two feet. It kicked my butt. With my fins and webbed gloves, I barely had the strength to pull and kick myself around the pier.

Kayak/Swim Oceanside Pier Saturday, April 16

No pictures again. Went to the beach with a used kayak I bought with my son. The plan was for him to be a safety kayaker while I swam farther out. The water was warmer, probably 62. Waves nice, medium to small size, 3 feet. However, the tide was coming in and the waves grew, to 3 to 5 feet on the big sets. Very hard time getting the kayak launched into the surf, flipped over at least 3 times. The paddle we had is a piece of junk; it kept separating into two halves, wouldn't stay together. I need to buy a new paddle ASAP. Also, after home, realized that I was missing a 1 inch drain plug at the bow, so took on water below decks in the kayak, making it heavy. Altogether, a kayak disaster, but my swim was nice, with smooth water and gentle 3 foot sells out there. Wish I had a camera but I didn't take mine because I knew that it would get wet and ruined.