Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Kicking on my Back with Fins

Nice sky and day today but the beach was stirred up with a little chop, a mild wind, and a mild current moving north to south.  Hardly anybody in the water.  No shape to the waves for the surfers.  Not much visibility and the water at 58 seemed colder.
I wasn't planning on swimming today because my back and neck were out of whack again.  Then I decided that the resistance from kicking with my fins would help my back out and give my neck a rest. 

I was supposed to swim with a few people up north at Avila Beach today but I couldn't face getting in the car for the five-hour ride.  I wanted to go and challenge myself with the colder water--56 degrees per  That I can do without a wet suit if my mind is right.     I lay on my back and kicked past the waves and up the beach for 12 minutes and then I turned around and got out at 25 minutes.  The back held up.  I wore the wet suit but it is pretty thin and old so it doesn't make too much difference anyway.