Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh my goodness. I felt salt water again--after a month.



I looked at the date of my last post--February 20th.  I swam with fins.  Well, apparently the fins don't help a guy with discs in the low back that like to move and, at worst, pop out of place.  That is what happened to me after my last swim and I spent days on my back regularly howling in pain.  Caution to readers: Don't rodeo.
Anyway, for the good stuff.  Today I needed to go to the beach because I, because I...well, I NEEDED it.
So I was surprised to see that Spring Break vacation has come to Oceanside.  The parking lots were 3/4 full and many more people than usual were enjoying a gorgeous 74 degree day.  No clouds, no wind, no crowds--just right. 
And the water was beautiful.  It was high tide and rising with a green-blue hue to the ocean.  Flat surface.  No current.  Water temperature was a warm 62-64 degrees. Wow! That's summer water.  The waves for the surfers were beautiful: a long interval between waves of 2-3 feet.  About 20 surfers were on the south side of the Pier today.  Plenty of room for more.
I had expected a chilling swim today and when I opened the trunk of my car I saw that I had forgotten my bathing suits that I usually wear.  I had to wear an old wetsuit--it's thin: 1-2 millimeter, I think.
No time was needed to adjust to that water temp.  I slowly swam out, watching to stay clear of surfers, and had to rest just past the break.  No wind.  I am sooo out of shape now.  I swam out for ten minutes or so and wasn't going anywhere.  But is was so nice just to lie on my back and feel that water.  My disc is still not right so the swim was just a mental health swim today. 
Gosh, why do I wait to get out there?  I hope to write another swim post soon.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."