Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Afternoon Oceanside Pier Rough Water Swim

     I got in the water today early afternoon.  The area was crowded with folks enjoying the beautiful day, warm water, and positive energy (ha ha).  The water looked rough and I took a long time trying to figure out which direction to swim.  I was wrong. I went north to south (right to left) and the current was strong south to north.  The mile swim was more like a mile-and-a-half with the current in my face.  The chop was big or here--a solid two feet all the way. 
     The green water was probably 70 or more, but the lifeguard's chalkboard had 66.  No way.  It was actually too warm on the south side of the pier.  The swim was up and down with timing my breaths with the surging and splashing of the water.  Even bringing it in to finish and swim through the surf was difficult.  Crazy.  A surprising swim that challenged me.  It took me 47 minutes to touch sand.  That's ten minutes more than typical for me.  I'm going to bed early tonight and dream of green, gentle water.  Not really.  I loved the surprise rough water conditions.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Late Afternoon Pier Swim and Downtown Street Fair

     I took too many photos today because I was so happy with myself that I had charged my camera's battery, and I wanted to show off.  I really DO need a camera that takes pictures that people can see; my photos just give a general idea of what the scene is.
     A rigorous thirty-seven minute swim in choppy water was a victory of sorts for me today.  My pain doctor gave me four radio frequency nerve ablations on my right lumbar spine and they helped me A BUNCH.  I'm to get four more ablations in two weeks on the left lumbar side.  I have had three days without pain medicine: priceless.
     The water was warm and greenish.  It was stirred up and cloudy, with some strong surgy waves in the surf zone.  They're fun as long as they don't hurt you. has the temp as 64-66 but I'd guess 67-70.  Lots of flags on the sand to warn of rips and dangerous conditions.  A good crowd, I'd say.
     Now, about that Thursday evening Downtown Oceanside Street Fair, what a mess.  How many multi-tattooed characters with their pit bulls can we cram into one block?  A low-class affair.  The city should step it up a notch or two in that endeavor.  Here's a suggestion, Oceanside:  How about restrooms?  Not just for the street fair area but at the beach and Pier area.  People have to go...and that's all I have to say about that (as Forrest Gump would finish).

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oceanside High School Graduation at the Pier

     Don't you hate it when you're tryin' to be looking like a big, macho, old guy (still hanging in there with the young dudes), and you hurt something (like a foot) and you really want to allow some free, outward expression of the pain, but that would ruin the picture of yourself in your mind.

     What the heck?  You hurt yourself and you want to scream and fall over is what I'm getting at.

     I did this neat swim just now and the tide was coming in and covering up some of the big boulders under the pier.  The water is three feet or so and you're really not supposed to walk under the pier next to the boulders when the waves are hitting you and some boulders and rocks are not visible.  I pretty much always
walk under the pier in such conditions.  So, the Lifeguards recognize me, and know that I just swam around, so none of them has ever talked to me about that.

     Back to the pain.  Wow.  I was half-way through under the pier and hit my left foot hard on a big rock and had to suck it up--because I'm walking right in front of the windows in the Guard Office.  I'll still do it next time anyway.

     The Pier was hectic with the Oceanside High School Graduation going on tonight at the Pier Amphitheater.  Interestingly, lots of security, and the security company was "wanding" everyone corralled through their wooden barriers.  I got away fast so no photos.

     The water was warm at 68, greenish-blue, and flat outside.  Just two series of 2-3 foot waves to get past.  My swim took 38 minutes because it seemed like the incoming tide mixed with the mild current to the north made me feel the swim outward.  Heading in was easier.  Just a beautiful, free swim at the Oceanside Pier.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."