Thursday, July 30, 2015

Swim the Beach in Rough Water Oceanside

     I went to my home beach, which for the time being, is Surfrider Street in Oceanside, CA.  It's become a bit more interesting recently, it seems.  The homeless people who hang at the mouth of Surfrider have become a bit vocal, but I think it is just a manifestation of untreated schizophrenia, not intentional hostility.
     The Oceanside Police Dept. keep an active presence at that area of the beach with a couple of cops patrolling the sand in a little golf-cart on steroids kind of vehicle.  Maybe a Binford XT-2000.
     I think there is an unofficial toilet somewhere around that circle turnaround because it smells somewhat foul.  But not to worry, the City thinks they may get a restroom built there soon.
     The bright side is that we do have hookers available in the Pappy's vicinity for servicing locals and tourists visiting our area.  The two I saw today were scary, but who knows...some guys may like that kind of chick.  Also crack or meth must be selling there due to the few homeless that have fallen victim to the drugs.  Those folks have a particular skinny, desperate, disheveled look to them that can't be missed.  They are now on the sand in numbers of one or two--that must be the reason for the police presence.
     Water.  Salt water.  That's what I wanted to describe.  We had a hot, muggy, and cloudy day today.  The air temp was 83 at the beach and the water was about 73.  Very hot water.  I wanted to try to swim out past the waves and see what I could do but the last large waves were coming at an interval of ten seconds.  I tried to get through...I tried again..I tried about ten times.  Finally I actually swam through the outer wave, which was 3-4 feet today. 
     No sooner am I through and taking a rest than a lifeguard on a jet ski comes by me to check me out.  I'll say it again:  We have GREAT lifeguards in Oceanside.
     There was a good chop to the water, at least a foot, and I tried swimming out in it for a little bit.  I was too winded so I turned around and headed in.  With all the water movement it took me a bit to swim back in to standing room.  It was a good workout nonetheless, and my back held up great.  I continue to make progress in rehabbing my back. 

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Carlsbad Beach Swim

     Today, late afternoon, I was at Carlsbad's Tamarack Beach to meet a couple of swimmers that I connected with through
     Well, I wasn't sure of the time, and as I was walking toward the beach, I saw two ladies starting a swim past the breakers.  I figured that was the meetup and I missed it.  Not to worry, I like to swim by myself. 
     I have not been there for many years and it looks better than my memory of it.  We had a real good day with big swells that were building from 150-200 yards out.  Then big waves were dumping hard right on the steep downward entrance to the water.  The sand dramatically falls off to the water, emphasizing the wave impact.  The young boys LOVE it!.  They were surfing and boogy boarding in these big waves for a two-second ride before bailing out and crashing and burning on the sand.  About a hundred people were watching them; a few were taking photos.  Those young kids were COOL!
     The water was warm, probably 72 with some spots far out about 66.  Visibility 8-10 feet, I think.  The swim was definitely a rough water swim.  It was neat because there were about a dozen swimmers here and there, and you run into somebody and have a quick hello chat.  I liked that.  The ladies I ran into were nice.  I  swam north about 200 yards from the sand to tower number 5.  Maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of a mile?  Then backward I tired somewhat.  My back was very good.  A funny thing happened when I was close to my starting point past the swells.  There was a lineup of about ten swimmers who started to swim all of a sudden toward me.  I thought I'd angle in to the breakers before they hit me but I didn't make it.  I was too tired.  So, these poor swimmers were probably wondering who the idiot was who was treading water right in the middle of their lineup.  Funny.
     Last interesting thing that I enjoyed.  I'm back in close to the crazy big, short waves and I swam fast in but got rolled around 3 times on 3 different crazy waves and ground into the rough sand beach.  I couldn't walk in so I lay on the sand and dug in my elbows to prevent the backwash of the waves from pulling me back in.  After a bit of fun and, I'm sure looking like a fat fool, I stood up and hustled higher out.
     Then, last thing was that my shoes and clothing and back support were washed up farther up the sand and separated by a wave that must have been a giant.  I wore a wet, gritty t shirt home with my wet bathing suit impregnated with sand.  That cold, gritty sandy feeling took me back to Navy days of discomfort.  Enough said.  Carlsbad is beautiful!

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Swim at Surfrider in Oceanside, CA

     I am happy presently.  After getting out in the water several times a week to two weeks ago, I fell back into laziness.  Today I signed up with the Carlsbad Swim Group at Tamarack Beach on and I went to the beach today to check myself out.

     I'm suited to late afternoon swimming more than other times.  Today the water was warm; I'd guess 72 degrees.  It was on the cusp of being too warm to be refreshing.  But one could have worse problems, eh?

     A strong rip current south to north along with a rough lineup of waves kept me from getting through the last big wave to get past the breakers.  I was in the water for an hour.  I loosened up swimming straight out past the second wave; then I swam relaxed back in to standing depth.  After a few reps of that I made a solid attempt to swim out and failed.  That big wave was five foot and was breaking straight on, dumping five feet of sudsy water on top of you. 

     I was pulled north a hundred yards in the attempt, so I got out and walked back to my starting point.  I gave it a second attempt to get past but I could not find a lull in the wave interval to sneak through.  The interval was about 10-12 seconds. 

     I walked back to my starting point and wavered between a third attempt and enough for the day.  Enough for the day won.  I felt very comfortable in the water today and all my body parts were working without pain.  We had partially cloudy skies, light blue foamy and sudsy water, lots of water movement from the high water line to the end of the surf zone, and no crowds.  I was very lucky to have gotten wet today and I'm just so relaxed after a good, vigorous swim.

"The first time you quit is the last time you try."